About us and our company Millionaire Thinking
Who we are

Our Purpose

Millionaire Thinking started out on Instagram with the hope that our motivational content would change the world and was founded by Ilias Aghrim. In this increasingly technological age, everyone has access to the internet. While social media can leave people feeling hopeless, we wanted to use the power of connectivity to do just that – connect people. We wanted to help the nobody feel like somebody. We wanted to be a guiding light in the darkness, a way to help people get through hard times and see that anything is possible. In that way, you can think of Millionaire Thinking as a plattform to make your dreams come true. That’s where we started, and that’s what we will always continue to be.

The Roadmap

Driven by story. Guided by heart.
The vision we have at Millionaire Thinking

Our Vision

At Millionaire Thinking our vision is built upon a foundation of community. We are proud to have created a community that helps and encourages each other. We have and always will strive to be the page that people look to for hope. People should see us as a potential platform for their dreams to come true. Our vision of success is personal effort fueled by community support.

The mission we have at Millionaire Thinking

Our Mission

We preach endurance to people who haven’t found their life purpose. It takes time to find purpose; people have given up before the amount of time required to see where they need to go. Endurance doesn’t come easily. At Millionaire Thinking our mission is to make it so. With time, perseverance, and support, you can make your dreams into a reality.

The values we share at Millionaire Thinking

Our Values

We think each successful person in the world holds true to these ideals:
• Customer Service • Quality • Empathy • Respect
• Integrity • Responsibility • Teamwork

Ilias Aghrim on a paper plane with the Millionaire Thinking Flag

Our Journey

How everything began.



The Start

We always believed that the key to success comes by helping others achieve their full potential. That is why the Millionaire Thinking Instagram was born and founded by Ilias Aghrim. Millionaire Thinking encourages people to go follow their dreams.



Millionaire Thinking started off as an instagram page for influencers, leaders and motivators. We soon launched the website Millthink.com which helps people around the world to start their own business and much more.


True Friends

It was never about the money, it was always about pursuing its purpose. We rather wanted to have 100 true friends than  1000 wrong friends.



Nowadays, we have more than 145.000 true friends and improve our page and business on a daily bases. Whatever work we do, it is to help and facilitate your life.

Core Values

The Standard by Which We Run Our Company
We Iterate to Success

Success isn’t a straight line. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them to move us closer to where we want to go.

We Encourage Growth

Behind every great company are great people. We invite employees to become the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

We Go The Extra Mile

It’s easy to settle for mediocrity. We believe in going above and beyond, whether that’s solving internal challenges or serving our customers.

…All While Having Fun

Work doesn’t have to be a “grind.” Nor does it have to be boring. We believe good work comes from having fun—not in spite of it.

Meet The Team

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