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Books Bill Gates Recommends Young People To Read

As you will realize, most successful and powerful leaders have high affinity for books. As Bill Gates attests, books are the roadmap to learning, success, and ultimately knowledge. This super-wealthy and influential man reads fifty books a year, in spite of his renowned success.  This underlines the importance of reading books regularly. On his personal blog, Gates notes, he share with his followers books he ever read and recommends for them to read. Here is a list of books Bill Gates recommends young people to read.


Top 5 books Bill Gates recommends:


1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
by Carol Dweck

This books is very good for instilling and cultivating the right mindset in young people.  The writer, who is a well-known psychologist from Stanford University clearly outlines how ones thinking can radically influence his/her success, talents and abilities. According Bill Gates, this book offers practical solution to most of the problems young people encounter in their quest for success. You can read Gates review of this book here.


2. Tap Dancing to Work
by Carol Loomis

For those who want to know how to become greatly successful in life, this is definitely the book to read. The book is a collection of Warren Buffett’s articles done by Carol Loomis who is a close friend and a colleague to Buffett. Here is Bill Gates review of this book. “I think anyone who reads it cover to cover will come away with two reactions: First, how Warren’s been incredibly consistent in applying his vision and investment principles over the duration of his career; and, secondly, that his analysis and understanding of business and markets remains unparalleled.”


3. How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character
, by Paul Tough

Have you ever wondered why some children fail in life while others succeed? Well, the author of this book, Paul Tough gives answers to the query. He gives out the qualities that bring about failure and success in children as: Character, curiosity, skills such as perseverance, resilience, self-control and optimism.


4. Where Good Ideas Come From
, by Steven Johnson Dweck

This is an awesome and resourceful book for the young entrepreneurs. As we all know, for one to be a successful entrepreneur, one need to be creative and innovative.  This book clearly shows how one can become very successful through innovation. By reading this book, young people will learn about what triggers great ideas and ultimately brilliance innovations.  Click herefor Bill gates review of this book.


5. Life is What You Make It
, by Peter Buffett

This is the most inspirational book Gates recommends to young people. The author is a successful musician, composer and Philanthropist.  The book recounts the story of the young Peter Buffett and how he worked very hard to become successful in philanthropy and music despite him coming from a wealthy family. The message put across in this book is that, you don’t need to come from a rich family to become successful, all you need is to choose your own path to destiny. Here are Bills remarks regarding this book: “Contrary to what many people might assume, Peter won’t inherit great wealth from his father. Instead, he was encouraged by his parents to find his own path. The book is a chronicle of that journey–and the wisdom and perceptions he has developed along the way.”


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