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Entrepreneurial Insights From Steve Jobs

The road to becoming a successful and great entrepreneur and innovate is not an easy one. Luckily, there is always a notable big time entrepreneur and innovator in whichever field you may be thinking of venturing in to learn from. For those would love to venture in the world of computers, smartphones and technology, Steve Jobs is the genius to borrow a leave from. This man was an incredible CEO and the amazing brain behind the innovation of Apple, the world leading Tech Company.  Steve Jobs is an inspiration to most young entrepreneurs and here are some valuable insights from Steve Jobs about entrepreneurship that we can learn from him.


Lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs:


Staying focused is key to success.

Steve Jobs’ Apple Company started as a small garage to become the magnificent company we all know of today. What made this journey of Apple Inc. success is the relentless and unwavering determination that Steve Jobs had. He stayed true to the course and endure all.  Actually, his mind was clear of doubts about what he wanted to achieve and he stayed focused throughout the journey.


Be prepared to take risks.

One common characteristic of great innovators and renowned successful entrepreneurs is the fact that they dared to take risks. For instance, Steve Jobs took calculated risks to innovate the famous iPhone. He succeeded tremendously and now Apple Inc. is a leading company in the smartphone industry. If you want to stand out among your competitors in your industry, you need to be ambitious and be ready to take calculated risks.


Learn without ceasing.

Successful entrepreneurs seize every learning opportunity that comes their way. Therefore, if you want to be a successful innovator and entrepreneur, you should view learning as a life-long process. However, you need to learn smart rather than learn everything about everything.  Your learning should be focused on a precise subject matter for you to become a guru in that particular field.


Learn from your Failures.

We all have experienced failure at one point in our lives. However, how you recover from failure is what matters in the world of business and the world in general. Steve Jobs at one point got fired from the Apple Company and that actually what triggered his creativity to become a great innovator. Therefore, we should see failure as an opportunity to learn how better to approach our challenges and succeed. When you fail in your innovative ideas, take that as an opportunity to learn the reasons behind the failures and how well to solve the issues.  The ingredient to success is by deriving motivation and inspiration from your failures.


Borrowing a leave from Steve Jobs’ success story is a step in the right direction of becoming one of the great innovators and successful entrepreneurs of your time. Don’t be afraid to face failures and take them as opportunities to learn how well to succeed in whatever you are doing.


Emily West
Emily is a creative writer and marketing student from Vermont, US. She dreams of living somewhere warm and typesetting a novel.
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