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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Summary – T. Harv Eker


In his book Secrets of the millionaire mind, T. Harv Eker proposes to present the missing link between wishing success and achieving success. The rich think in a certain way while the poor think in a different way. The ways of thinking of each other determine their actions and thereby their results.


To become rich, it is necessary to start thinking in the manner of the rich. 


The laws of nature determine that what is in the ground creates what comes out of the ground, what is invisible creates what is visible. Imagine a tree with fruits. If the fruits displease you for one reason or another, and you want to change them, you will have to act at the level of the tree and more particularly at the level of its roots. What you do at the fruit level will not affect their nature. You cannot change the fruits that are already hanging on the tree. We can, however, change the fruits of tomorrow. And for that, we will have to dig into the soil and strengthen the roots. Our existence is realized in at least four spheres: the physical world, the mental world, the emotional world, and the spiritual world. What is imperative to understand is that the physical world, the one we see, is only the consequence of the other three.


Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, illness is a result, weight is a result. Our external world is only the result of our inner world. If things are not going well in our outer life, it’s because things are not going well in our inner life. And the only way to change them will be to change our inner world first. As human beings, we are part of nature. This is how we have an internal financial plan that determines our visible financial results.


What T. Harv Eker calls the “mental or domestic financial plan” is a sort of financial thermostat that is going to keep us permanently in a certain financial zone. Thus, if we suddenly find ourselves with a large sum of money without being internally prepared, there is a big risk that this money will disappear very quickly. Everyone has already heard of these lotto winners who, no matter how large the prize money is, quickly return to their original financial state, that is, the amount they are used to. manage. In the same way, the millionaires who owe their fortune to their own efforts will manage to recover their financial level fairly quickly if they are led to lose their fortune. Donald Trump is a good example, he who lost everything and then regained everything, and even more, a few years later. What happens is that, even if they lose their fortune, the millionaires never lose the essential ingredient to their success: their millionaire spirit.


Everything we hear about money when we are young stays in our subconscious and directs our financial life. Phrases like “money is the source of all evil, the rich are stingy, the rich are criminals, we must work hard to make money, not for people like us, we cannot afford it … “continue to mark us as adults and guide all our decisions about money. If we are conditioned verbally to see wealth as something wrong or is inaccessible to us, loyalty to our environment may well prevent us to reach a higher standard of living than those we love.


In financial terms, most of us tend to be like one of their parents. Unless you want to adopt a totally opposite attitude, out of anger or rebelliousness. Whatever we do, it is not unrelated to what we experienced in childhood. The experiences we make in relation to the rich, the money, or the wealth when we are children shape the beliefs that lead us into adulthood. Depending on whether we associate money with pleasure, freedom, security or whatever, we will behave differently in financial matters.


If you have associated the money with negative experiences, chances are you will have trouble earning money or keeping it. On the other hand, if the money evokes pleasant memories, it will certainly be easier for you to attract it to you.


In the same way, it is important to look for the reason for making money or succeeding. If this desire is rooted in fear, anger or the need to prove oneself to oneself, it is almost certain that money will not make happiness. Why? Because we cannot solve any of these problems with money. Money only accentuates what is already there. If it’s fear, more money will only change the kind of fear that will have to be faced. Instead of being afraid of missing, we will be afraid of being attacked, stolen, losing everything we have. Unless we tackle the root of fear, no amount of money can help us.


Harv Eker challenges the reader by asking him what his internal financial plan is. To answer this question, he suggests that he examine his results.


Check your bank account. Check your income. Check your net worth. Check your investment success. Check your success in business. Check if you are spending or saving money. Check if you manage your money well. Check if you are consistent or inconsistent. Check how hard you work to earn your money. Check your relationships in light of the money.


And if you’re not happy with your results, be aware that “the only way to change your financial success permanently “is to reset your financial thermostat, your internal financial plan.


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