Ilias Aghrim


A digital marketer and entrepreneur, Ilias Aghrim has built his reputation on innovation, seeking out fresh challenges and applying his creativity and ingenuity to come up with solutions. He is someone who seems never to stop moving, yet if you were to ask him, he would tell you that he is constantly looking for ways to push himself harder. Living and working in Germany, he is 25 years old, and very quickly, he has attracted attention to his projects, which include Millionaire Thinking, Miss Orient, and CreativeQ which he founded personally. He is also the CDO of the Youpendo app.


At his core, Ilias is simply passionate about the entrepreneurial journey itself, preferring not to think about any end destination and instead enjoying the ride, reveling in each moment and each opportunity to improve the world through hard work and problem-solving. He lives his life by the quote:


“You could be anyone if you put in the time.”

Day after day, he works to build himself into the person that he wants to be, refusing to accept anything but his full potential in life.


In his free time, Ilias enjoys working out at the gym and reading. He enjoys books about finances, politics, and self-development in particular, viewing himself as a perpetual student in spite of his early successes.



Published work


Rich Dad, Poor Dad summary,” Millionaire Thinking Blog, June 2019


Free yourself from your debts and unlock your wealth“, Millionaire Thinking Blog, April 2019